DJ Al BooogzZ

dj-alboogz-profileBorn as Alejandro J. Castillo, DJ Al BoogzZ took his first breath on October 3rd, 1988. He was born and raised in NYC with a Dominican background, giving Al BooogzZ his wide range of music extending from his native roots to today’s urban popular music. DJ Al BoogzZ has dedicated the past 7 years of his life satisfying diverse crowds of people at all sorts of social events. At an early age, he started dj’ing basement Jams and local neighborhood parties, when he was inspired by his friend DJ Ray Nice (LES) to become a deejay and began to experiment with his equipment.

Starting as a private event deejay helped Al BoogzZ build his way up to dj at NY’s finest Night Clubs like Luna Night Club (formerly Jet Set Cafe), Ambar Room, Vin-tich, Mama Juana, Body, Talay, 809 Lounge, Hudson River Cafe, El Morocco, Tropicana, Arka Lounge, Lefue Lounge, Aqua Lounge, Alma Lounge, Cana Y Cafe, Skyline Cafe, Club Odyssey (formerly Sole Lounge), Melodia, Clique and many more.

Throughout the years he joined forces with (LTP) which has helped him become acknowledged to both the public and social networks. Al BoogzZ ultimate goal in his career as a dj is to become a classic, not just a hit and to be remembered for his remarkable mixes and spinning skills for years to come.