dj-shadee-profileDJ Shadee was rocking every club in the New York/Metropolitan area. A Colombian born kid but raised in Astoria, Queens. At age 16, DJ SHADEE was introduced to the turntables and soon after fell in love with the idea of mastering this craft.

In 1999 DJ SHADEE debuted on the “club scene” with his initial performance at Club Twirl. Soon after, SHADEE broke into the club scene playing at the likes of NuBar Lounge, Supper Club,& China Club and Jade Terrace on a regular basis. By 2001, SHADEE’S star was burning bright establishing himself as a dominant party rocker in several upscale venues per week. Since then, SHADEE has performed at numerous venues in the tri-state area building an impressive resume which includes BED, CROBAR, RETOX, MSG, GUESTHOUSE, SPIRIT, BLVD, MARQUE, HOME, LOTUS, SUPPER CLUB, MYST, PROVIDENCE, TRIBECCA NIGHT CLUB, CLUB MANSION (MIAMI), OPIUM GARDEN (MIAMI), ELEMENTS (P.R.) and the world famous COPACABANA just to name a few. This notoriety to the masses made SHADEE a household name in NYC’s competitive club scene.

In the meantime, while continuing to work hard in the clubs, he caught the attention of another DJ by the name of ALEX SENSATION. Alex was already well recognized and respected in the Latin community as the lead DJ on New York’s #1 station, LA MEGA 97.9. Along with his daily show La Mega Mezcla del Mediodia, SHADEE worked with Alex Sensation in several different venues where the dynamic duos mixing and record selection continued to move the party. Working with Alex was a milestone for DJ SHADEE, providing him with the forum to spin on live broadcasts from the legendary Copacabana to thousands of listeners throughout the tri-state area. That relationship formed a bond between Alex Sensation and SHADEE that prompted him to inquire about a hand picked DJ crew called, The DJ KINGS, of which Alex Sensation was an integral member. Upon recommendation from Alex, there was no doubt THE DJ KINGS wanted SHADEE to be an intricate part of this elite group of DJ’s.

So what’s next for DJ SHADEE on a professional level, you ask? Recently he has expanded his travel schedule to include destinations like Puerto Rico, Miami, and even Hawaii just to name a few. In addition, he can also be spotted at a growing list of celebrity car shows including DUB magazine, Hot Import Nights, and the Funk Master Flex celebrity car show. He’s also become more involved with his original love interest from a music perspective, mixing and distributing numerous mix cd’s throughout the tri-state area. Currently, SHADEE continues to play at 3 to 4 clubs a week aside from his own venue, NuBar Lounge in Queens New York. Whether SHADEE’s rocking a trendy club in New York City or the beautiful islands of Puerto Rico and Hawaii, there’s no crowd he can’t handle.