J. I. Starr “El Boriqua de New York”

ji-starr-profileVoice Over Actor, Radio Dj, TV Host and Master of Ceremonies. The dream of broadcast of NYC radio airwaves was realized in 1979 as a mix-show DJ on the original 92 KTUFM. Stops at WVIP Am & Fm, MT. Kisco, NY, Nightclub manager and DJ who co-produced the incredible Salsa Nights at NJ’s Foxes Nightclub, Marketing Director for Prestige Productions and later www.Victory2multimedia.com in New York, Disco Classics show on WNYE 91.5FM New York…Producer and host of The Sound of New York since 1994 on NYC’s Mega 97.9 FM.

“Voice acting is a passion for me… it is intriguing to be able to deliver the vision the writer of director intended for words on a page or for a scene…also, the overwhelming energy you absorb from a live audience while hosting a major event at a venue like Madison Square Garden is an amazing realization”.

In addition to voice-overs in English, J.I. has carved a niche with bilingual spots. For three seasons J.I. co-hosted the very successful video music show- Latin Beat Tv on BETJ sponsored by Hennessy and American Airlines to name a few.

He developed an Internet Marketing Product called www.voxflair.com with partner Omar Martin www.omar-martin.com which provides voice over and video for websites. I am also the very proud official Master of Ceremonies for the New York International Salsa Congress www.nycsalsacongress.com as well as the infamous www.salsacruise.com, which strongly reinforce my heritage.

When not in the studio. I’m in the mountains meditating on some intense terrain on my mountain bike “it keeps me sane… the fitness is a bonus”.